In discussion with political parody creator Ms Medussa.…Schooling the Indian administration….

The pandemic led to an explosion of content…some by willing and passionate creators..and some by unwilling participants who were the ‘content’ themselves..(think of the lady banging the utensils or the young guys getting beaten up by cops)

Masterainn or Ms Medussa (not revealing her name) was one among the willing and passionate ones..but there was another twist to her journey..The havoc had touched her sensitive side very deeply and there was an inner turmoil which needed some kind of she decided to do it in a creative manner…

Being an English teacher, she renewed focus on content creation for her existing and sporadic property ‘ The Neighbour Teacher’ where she taught English but starting using parody references to the in-adequacies of the system and the plight of the people all around. Contextual learning for the students and an emotional release to the internal turmoil for the teacher…

Amidst this, she also launched something called ‘Dukhdarshan’, a 2–3 minute Doordarshan style news but more on the lines of political parody..a direct assault on the system..

While it has garnered her followers of the likes of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, the abusive trolls have not stayed behind.

This is a conversation with very different questions because she isn’t the usual type of creator who is focused on bringing in those subscribers or even trying to generate revenue out of this activity. Rather the questions revolve around why she has refused offers from political parties to write for them and how she handles their trolls..

Sometimes, it all about creativity and not the money honey!!

In discussion with Ms Medussa…Schooling the Indian administration…. — Full Episode —

How this creator mixed passion with expertise and now has the likes of Arvind Kejriwal as a follower..| Clips —

In this video clip, Masterainn discusses how she started creating such content and the rationale behind it. The pandemic and the related stress had to find an outlet for a sensitive person like her and thus this creative outburst. Also, she was influenced by the likes of other similar creators such as Saloni Gaur and Garima.

The story behind how Ms Medussa started Dukhdarshan | Clips —

In this clip, Masterainn talks about her journey and the events which led to the launch of her major media property Dukhdarshan. While we as consumers tend to see the final product, it is interesting to see how the small nooks are created and iterated upon. Everything does not happen at once and there are various rationales for how a creator produces what he or she does. In her example, there is an interesting take on how she got her voice to tone down for the Doordarshan style reading and how she landed up with the name Dukhdarshan.

Ms Medussa is big on Twitter but never intended to!! | Clips —

In this clip of The Media and Content Business Podcast, Masteraainn explains how she landed up on Twitter despite the fact that she was keen and happy with Instagram. Guess what — Twitter was a backup option!!..

How this creator handles trolling? | Clips —

In this clip of The Media and Business Content Podcast, Masteraaiinn discusses how she handles the trolls that come along with this type of content creation. Extremely important here for all the creator irrespective of the genre of content that they create. Trolls are simply everywhere

Why this political parody creator rejected some revenue deals? | Clips —

In the clip of The Media and Content Business Podcast, Masteraain discusses the rationale behind not going after the money. It is very rare to see people put in effort without expecting anything in return or for a larger cause. While she is not averse to the idea, she feels that the she will only do take money when and if it resonates with her internal ethics and her style of working style.



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